Creation of high quality fashion brands by integrating technology with people

Over the past few decades, HKI Group has steadily expanded its apparel business into a comprehensive range of woven and knitted fashion through establishment of specialized manufacturing plants in China and Southeast Asia. Each of these units runs independently in its own right yet working closely together as a team towards a common corporate goal – creation of high quality, innovative fashion brands by integration of technology with people. With concerted efforts, the Group has proceeded to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning system that employs innovative concepts in enhancing product quality and service. Such commitment has further consolidated the Group’s position in the ever-demanding global market and would fuel its growth for the years to come.

In the new millennium, the Group has increased its investment in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, both of which are known to be the most competitive regions with impressive economic strength and potential. In addition to pursuit of new export opportunities, there have been endeavors to explore the domestic market in mainland China and across the border. The newly established production bases and advanced facilities ensure support for a highly efficient and cost effective supply chain covering diversified products manufactured under stringent quality control.

The equipment used by the Group’s facilities is modern, the greater part having been recently renewed in response to market needs. Computer-aided design, patterning, cutting and knitting systems are acquired to enhance the performance of self-sufficient vertical production lines involved in material processing, dyeing, printing, knitting, sewing and finishing. The Group has been implementing 5-S, a practice that has helped create an efficient, safe and clean environment. Consistent training is provided to staff at different levels to instill in them a strong sense of team spirit and commitment to meeting uncompromising quality standards as well as fulfilling escalating customer requirements. Rigorous checks by laboratory testing, physical measurement and inspection procedures are administered to ensure conformity to product specifications. Some of the plants have strictly adopted AQL for inspection and have been ISO and BSCI certified.

The Group provides manufacturing services for many famous brands. Different kinds of woven and knitted products such as skirts, trousers, shirts, vests, jackets, suits and windbreakers are manufactured and a large variety of fabrics is used. Products are sold throughout the world, including China, Japan, Malaysia, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, the EU member states and Australia.

Lately, the Group has set up industrial parks in sizeable scale for regional manufacturing of a wide range of products. Such arrangement aims primarily at providing greater convenience to customers and at the same time achieving better coordination in the increasingly complicated manufacturing processes. Proactive strategies with long term vision have been adopted by the Group to strengthen its competitiveness in face of new challenges emerged after the lifting of quotas on textile and clothing in 2005.

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