HKI Group has built up its strength over a course of more than 40 years since its establishment in 1969. With deep roots in Hong Kong and a solid foundation in mainland China and various countries around the world, the Group has become a diversified corporation enjoying ever-growing business strength and social influence. Its success hinges on, first, an excellent knowledge of the changing times; second, a grasp of the opportunities presented by the opening up of China and other developments; and third, a strong determination to innovate and persevere in the pursuit of new businesses.
Besides striving to attain business goals on its own, the Group stresses the importance of long-term cooperation with suitable partners as the most effective avenue to new and bigger markets. All along, the Group has formed various joint ventures with reputable local and overseas enterprises. Each of these projects is launched in an independent, fair and impartial manner so as to safeguard the interests of all parties concerned. Diversification remains the Group’s strategy. Striving to bring even greater financial rewards to its investors, the Group seeks to raise the competitiveness of its textile and garment manufacturing business while at the same time grow other businesses in major cities around the world, including real estate, commerce and trading, industrial park and tourism.
In the face of the myriad opportunities and challenges presented by the new millennium, the Group holds fast to its philosophy — “solid growth and endless innovations through dedication to people and truthfulness” — and keeps pursuing its goals with perseverance. We look forward to building closer links with our existing partners and sincerely hope new ones would join our ranks. Let us grab this opportunity and achieve even brighter business results.

Dr. Jose Sunsay Yu        Standing Committee Member of CPPCC, G.B.S., S.B.S., J.P.
Chairman, HKI Group

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